Purchasing office or warehouse space in Metro Atlanta is a major investment that requires some serious due diligence. To get a comprehensive evaluation of the property and any potential pitfalls, contact the experts at ProTech Commercial Inspections, Inc. at (470) 276-8252 to request a proposal for an office or industrial building inspection today.

Our highly trained professionals have been conducting detailed and thorough commercial inspections for smart buyers since 2005. Let us provide you with the facts to inform your final offer — or give you the wisdom to walk away.

Evaluations Help with Budget Planning

Commercial property assessments are also useful for businesses that are responsible for maintenance or repairs of space they are leasing. Everything might look good on the surface, but do you really know what shape the plumbing is in? Whether you’re thinking about buying a multi-story office tower or leasing a small office, a commercial inspection can help you identify expenses to include in your mid- and long-range budget plans.

Our reports include an evaluation of the property’s current condition as well as a list of repairs and upgrades that you will likely need to address in the building over the next couple of years — plus cost estimates so that you can be prepared.

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Industrial Building Inspection Atlanta

Warehouse Inspection Experts

A warehouse may seem like a big empty box, but it’s actually a complex structure that needs to function in different ways for different industries. And its sheer size means even basics like the roof and floor slab can be quite expensive to replace. That’s usually not a welcome surprise to a new owner.

During a warehouse inspection, our certified experts will focus on your facility needs in addition to our usual thorough assessment. We’ll also pay particular attention to the condition of parking lots, loading bays, and electrical systems.

Experienced Professionals

ProTech’s inspectors also are qualified to test for a number of environmental and health issues such as radon, asbestos, lead, mold, and pests. Talk to us about these supplementary tests if you are concerned that any of these unseen hazards may be lurking in your investment property. We can add these assessments to an office or industrial building inspection, or you can schedule them separately. If you’re experiencing drain issues, then our sewer scope inspections are recommended.

We have experience inspecting commercial buildings of all types: office buildings, industrial and warehouse facilities, hotels and retail space, and multi-family dwellings such as condos and apartments. Our sister company conducts home inspections to help protect your personal investments too.

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Warehouse Inspection Atlanta

Take a look at ProTech’s frequently asked questions to learn more about our services in the Atlanta area — including Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, and Gwinnett counties — as well as Macon and the rest of Georgia, and then contact us at (470) 276-8252 to discuss your industrial building inspection needs. if you’re ready now, you can also request a proposal online.