Before signing the dotted line to buy a business property in Macon, GA, consult an expert building inspector at ProTech Commercial Inspections, Inc. first to make sure you know what you’re getting into. Call us at (770) 203-0775 today to request a commercial property proposal, and set yourself up for success!

Benefits of Commercial Property Inspections

The following are just a few of the many advantages of ordering a commercial building inspection:

  • Gather intelligence — When considering a commercial real estate deal, knowing the condition of the property can help an investor decide whether to pull the trigger or walk away. And if the sale proceeds, it’s always good to know how much to budget for repairs.
  • Gain leverage  Having a detailed report from a reputable property inspector can be useful when negotiating the final price.
  • Avoid surprises — Tenants in commercial properties are often on the hook for major repairs, even though they don’t actually own the property. A major unexpected event such as a complete roof replacement can have a substantial impact on a small business’ bottom line.
  • Ensure safety — As a property owner about to embark on renovations, it is crucial for the safety of contractors and employees to know if there are any hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead in the building that might become more dangerous when disturbed during the remodeling process. In addition to commercial property inspections, special environmental material testing can help identify a number of substances and offer mitigation recommendations.

What Does a Commercial Building Inspection Entail?

When you book a commercial building inspection, we will discuss your intended uses for the facility and any special concerns you have so we can address them during the field work. The assessment will be conducted within seven business days and usually takes one to three days to complete, depending on the size of the building.

During the evaluation, a fully insured and highly trained property inspector will thoroughly examine the structure and all of its components, taking careful notes (and photos when necessary) to document the building’s condition and any major work required. Within two days, clients receive a comprehensive report spelling out all the details — including the expected lifespan of major systems and estimated costs for repairs or improvements we recommend.

Commercial property assessments conducted by a ProTech building inspector can help reduce your business risk — and unexpected repair bills. We are proud to provide that service in Macon, Metro Atlanta (including including Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, and Gwinnett counties), and the rest of Georgia.

For more information about us or to discuss a particular property, contact ProTech at (770) 203-0775. Don’t let an unwelcome surprise hurt your business success.

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